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Wayne Willems is a professional musical performer who has been performing live for twenty years. He plays many different kinds of music, starting with the older country songs ending into the newest in rock'n'roll. With over two hundred songs, plus originals, Wayne has compiled songlists for country, rock'n'roll, and pop. Wayne is an excellent sit in artist who can play at the drop of a hat and owns enough music equipment for two bands. Lights, mixing boards, mics, speakers, and ten thousand watts of power to put on the best sounding show you ever heard. With an associates degree in radio and tv production, you know Wayne Willems knows what he is doing. In the twenty years Wayne has been playing music, he has played at some of the best clubs around, and with some big names as well. Focusing most of his time on writing originals, Wayne has learned to play many styles of music, like blues, jazz, alternative, grung, heavy metal, pop, rock, and country. He has been quoted as saying, "I play everything from Garth Brookes to Metallica," and more. Wayne is currently looking for a great sounding band with lots of attitude and carisma, and good material to play. Take a look at the songlists and listen to one of his originals, drop him a line and give him some creative criticism, he will appreciate it. He is also currently playing in the band called MA FERGUSON. Check out their web site too.

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