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Company History
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The band MUDD originally started when I,Wayne, first started playing guitar with my father, grandfather, and two brothers. Dad named the band "The Willems Band" then.We started playing at all the VFW's in town and at some social functions, like family picnics and church. When we started school, we would set up at the end of the hall and play anything we knew. The guys at school knew us as "Sedreth",(pronounced see-dreth). We played songs ranging from House of the Rising Sun to Crazy Train by Ozzy. And our original stuff, too, which was a bit on the wild side. By the end of our school days, we had started playing to the club scene, and had added new members to the group. This, of course, didn't last. Richard, on rhythem guitar felt left out of the song writing process and gave up playing with us. My brother Rich wanted to get out from behind the drums and play guitar and sing lead vocals, so he formed his own group called SKF. That's when "Howdy" joined up with us. We knew Gary from school and had jammed with him on some occasions, but this time it was for sure. My brother Rich became what we know today as the backup drummer. (You never know when you might need one). Mudd was born.
The name means about the way it seems, muddy. We play such a variety of music, that all together it is MUDD.

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